Missionary Baptist State Convention of Kansas Officers

Rev. Jimmie L. Banks, President
Rev. Tony Carter, Jr., First Vice-President
Rev. Virgil O. Horn, Second Vice-President
Rev. C. Richard Kirkendoll, Third Vice-President
Rev. Michael Kelley, Fourth Vice-President
Dr. Bobby L. Love, Sr., General Secretary
Dr. R.L. Baynham, President Emeritus

Rev. W. L. Templeton, Vice President Emeritus
Mrs. Alice M. Banks, Personal Assistant
Mrs. Lynn McKinnis, Executive Assistant/Board Secretary
Ms. Gwen Ridgnal, Treasurer
Mrs. Peggy Taylor, Director, Finance
Dr. Ricky D. Turner, Director Resource Development
Dr. Anthony Byrd, Director of Music
Rev. Ephthallia L. Banks, Convention Historian
Dr. C. L. Bachus, Special Assistant to the President
Dr. E. Bernard Hurd, Jr., Legal Counsel
Dr. Lemuel E. Wynn, Parliamentarian

Rev. Allen D. Smith President, Congress of Christian Education
Rev. Terrell Davis, Director of Christian Education

Mrs. Brenda Isom, Dean of Chrisitan Education
Rev. Thomas G. Cobbs, Director of Pastoral and Family Counseling
Mrs. Frankie M. Kirkendoll, President Women's Auxiliary

Mr. Clifford L. Jones President, Laymen's Auxiliary
Rev. Mack McConnell, President Minister's Council
Mr. David Barnes, President Ushers' Auxiliary